Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Beanies ~ Knit Pattern

I decided to share with you my Christmas beanies. I looked and looked and looked for a pattern that spoke to me and was something that I really wanted to make over and over and over again. I never found one, so I made up my own pattern.

My original idea was just to have something to share as gifts with my cousins kids because they had invited us to go over for Christmas Eve and I didn't want to walk in empty handed. Well, the idea grew. There will be a total of 10 teenagers (including family and girlfriends), an 8 year old and a new born there...all of them cousins (except the girlfriends, of course). So, I decided to make a beanie for ALL of the kids. I finished the last one yesterday. I loved making every single one of them because they were all a blank canvas for my creativity. Endless possibilities for color combinations and stripes. lol. BUT...I was so very glad when the last one was complete.

This is the biggest group of kids. We have an 18 yo w/a gf, 16 yo w/a gf, a 14 yo and an 8 yo. The 8 yo's hat turned out a little larger because I went by rows instead of measurements on a couple of hats. I figured out what went wrong and corrected myself for the rest of them, but hers is a little longer than the rest.

Used: hat 1: Wool Ease, hat 2: RH Soft & HL Love, hat 3: Wool Ease, hat 4: LB Jiffy & HL Love, hat 5: Wool Ease & HL Love, hat 6: RHSS

This is a brother/sister duo. Blue/gray is his, purple/black is hers. I was struggling with what colors to make for them, so I asked their mom. They were the only ones besides my kids that actually got to choose colors.

Used: hat 1: L&T Impeccable & RHSS, hat 2: RHSS & HL Love

These are for my kids. I am actually going to wrap them up and hand them out with the other kids' hats, even though my daughter has modeled hers a few times. I always have to snatch it back and say "you can't have that now!"

Used: hat 1: L&T Impeccable & RHSS, hat 2: Wool Ease & Caron SS

Last, but not least, we have the last set of brothers. The oldest was born 8 hours after my daughter and the youngest was born 2 days ago. I just couldn't leave the baby out, so I modified the pattern by a few stitches and rows and went to town. I actually love both of these hats. :)

Used: hat 1: RHSS, hat 2: TLC Amore

I am going to share with you the very basic pattern. Soooooper simple. And I'll share my "straight lines" method for my color changes.

Christmas Beanies (very stretchy, great for scraps)

by Elizabeth Mareno 2011


About 2 ozs Main color, less for Contrast color, Worsted Weight!! :)

(Yarns Used: LB Wool-Ease, LB Jiffy, RHSS, HL I Love This Yarn, Caron Simply Soft, RH Soft, TLC Amore (discontinued?)& Loops n Threads-Impeccable)

size 8 dpns or circular needles

place marker (optional)

end stoppers (optional)

large eye needle for tucking ends in

ADULT SIZE: fits an average head up to 23".

co 85 stitches. I cast on 30-needle 1, 30-needle 2, 25-needle 3. I also used end stoppers to keep my stitches from sliding off. Join without twisting to make a circle, if you need a place marker, put it at the beginning of the join.

k3, p2 around.
You may stripe whenever you like, the pattern stays the same until you reach 6" in length from the beginning. When I stripe, I will slip the first stitch purlwise when I am beginning my second row of that color, this helps to pull the row "up" and hide the color change. If you are doing single rows, I am still a novice at that, so this method may not work if you are striping single rows.

I, also, do not cut my yarns between row changes, I just carry the yarn up the inside of the hat. Makes for less work in the finishing process. If you do this, remember not to pull too tight when you are bringing your yarn up for a color change or you will cause the hat to "crinkle".

top decrease rows: After you have completed 6", knit 1 row around.

next row: k5, k2tog,(repeat around) k1

next : knit

next : k4, k2tog,(repeat around) k1

next : knit

next : k3, k2tog, (repeat around) k1

next : k2, k2tog, (repeat) k1

next : k1, k2tog, (repeat) k1

next : k2tog

next: k2tog (you should have 7 loops remaining. if not, don't worry, just use what you have and close it up.)

Cut, leaving a long end for closing the top. Weave needle through the remaining loops and pull tight. I usually weave them through one more time for security, then weave your end in to make sure the top doesn't come undone and finish off.

Weave in the remaining and you are done!


CO 55, work pattern for 4 inches,

decrease rows: k3, k2tog

next: k2, k2tog

next: k1, k2tog

next: k2tog

next: k2tog

Finish off.

To make larger versions, cast on in multiples of five. I do not have a scientific approach to knitting for babies. I sort of fly by the seat of my pants. If someone has a tried and true method...please...do tell. I haven't had a baby in my house in so long, I have forgotten how small they really are.

Here is my non-scientific method:

for infants, if using WW, cast on 55, knit until 4", then decrease.

for babies, cast on 65, knit until 4-1/2"(3-6mo), 5" (6-9mo) & 5-1/2" (9-12 mo). (Some babies have really big heads and may need more length to have the hat fit properly. Use your judgement.)

toddlers, cast on 75, Stay at 5-1/2" (but you be the judge here!)

kids & older, cast on 85, and depending on how big of a melon they have, knit till 6".

Hope you enjoy!! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Beanies pattern. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wonderful! I want one! If I could knit I would make one of every color. My bald head would thank me here in the cold Midwest!
    Have a happy new year, by the way!

  3. Love your blog. I am just learning to knit as I have been a crocheter for 40 years. I found a basic dish cloth pattern on Bernat Handicrafter yarn. How I find this basic hat pattern. I donate hats, scarves and mittens to a homeless charity. This will be a nice change of pace. Thank you!!!

  4. Delightful blog. Just leaning to crochet at 60-something , but as I need to whip up something real quick for a Christmas gift... This will be my go to pattern!
    Keep 'em coming....
    The great patterns I.e, ;)

    1. Thanks! This is one of my favorite patterns to make! :-) happy knitting!

  5. Delightful blog. Just leaning to crochet at 60-something , but as I need to whip up something real quick for a Christmas gift... This will be my go to pattern!
    Keep 'em coming....
    The great patterns I.e, ;)


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