Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEW FREE PATTERNS! "My Little Baby" Newborn Hat- Crochet & Knit Patterns

Some more new, free patterns for you guys! Two weeks ago I went on a "hunt" for a knitted newborn hat that was a "no-muss, no-fuss" pattern. It seemed like every pattern I ran into was a problem for me. I wanted to use up some of the baby yarn I have (there's a lot), but I couldn't find a simple, easy pattern that used baby weight yarn. I, also, wanted to use double pointed needles. Let's suffice to say....I wasn't finding what I wanted!

I decided to create my own hat pattern. I fiddled with it until it worked, and I came up with this very simple one color with a stripe. I used Bernat Baby Sport yarn and size 4 dpn's for these and the next one. 

Then, I went to Joann's and had to buy some more baby yarn....because who uses up their ever increasing stash mound? New pattern needs new yarn, right?? Anyway, I discovered these teeny-weeny Jamie skeins for a $1.99 and I couldn't rightly pass those up! This next little hat came out of one of those skeins. I think this colorway is Caribbean stripe or something like that. I had no idea it was going to do a rainbow stripe. I thought "Bonus" (imagine Wayne's World) when it worked out that way! 

But, then I posted pictures on Facebook and my mom said "Hey, send me that pattern so that I can make some, those are really cute!" mom can't knit on dpn's. I knew I would have to write it out on straight needles for her. This little cutie came out of that endeavor. This little hat used Red Heart Baby and Bernat Baby Sport with size 4 straight needles.

Finally, I decided that I couldn't leave things as they were with patterns only available in baby/sport weight yarn. What happens when I only have worsted available? Besides, some people don't like making anything in baby weight yarn...I typically don't....hence the copious amounts of it left in my stash. Lots of people only like using worsted weight because it works up faster, and there are so many CUTE colors available that are far more trendy!

Out of all that mental back-and-forth came the worsted weight newborn hat. lol. This little guy was made from Caron Simply Soft Party (can you see the sweet iridescent sparkles?) and size 6 dpn's. You could use any soft worsted weight yarn for a really soft little hat. 

After all that fussing with the knit patterns, I knew I would not forgive myself if I didn't put the same pattern out there for my fellow crocheters. So, I went ahead and created two crochet patterns. One in baby weight yarn with an F hook, and one in worsted with a G hook. Gauge instructions are included. You can stripe or not stripe as you wish! 

I felt like the end product should be as close as possible, so I used the same material for these as for the knitted versions. As with anything crocheted the stitches are a little bulkier, but the end result is no less soft than the knitted version. The blue hat is made out of Bernat Baby Sport and an F hook, and the gray hat is made from Caron Simply Soft Party and a G hook. 

 I hope you find these hat patterns as easy and fuss-free as I did. I had so much fun designing them,  and I can't wait to dive back into my baby yarn pile and whip out some more!

 All of the instructions for all the needles used in the knit patterns are included; baby weight on dpn's and straight needles, and worsted weight on dpn's and straight needles. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Free Pattern!! Paddle Wheel Crochet Dishcloth!

Wow, did I drop the ball on this one!

My new Paddle Wheel Dishcloth pattern has been available for weeks now and I totally forgot to post it on here! Where has my head been??

So, without further is the Paddle Wheel Dishcloth Pattern

Happy Crocheting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

NEW FREE Pattern! Rastafari Slouch Hybrid Hat- Knit/Crochet Combo!

I came up with this hat close to Christmas and I am just now getting it put up for everyone. It uses both knit and crochet- so you will need to know how to do both to make this pattern. Otherwise, it's very simple and beginner friendly. 

The pattern is available on Ravelry!

Chutes & Ladders Infinity Scarf Pattern coming soon!!

Comparing Cottons

I looked up Knit Picks cotton yarn today because I got an email about something-something...cotton yarn...something-something. I know, specific right? 

But, they have a fantastic color selection, so I went to look. The first balls of cotton yarn I saw were the Comfy pictured above. They are only 50g for $2.99. That seemed somewhat expensive for me considering I can get super soft "I Love This Cotton" (approx 85g to 99g depending on the color)  from Hobby Lobby for $3.29/skein, pictured below. 

To my $ sensibilities it looked pretty no-win for the Knit Picks. However, I noticed they had a yarn called Dishie, picture below. 

From a distance, the shape of the ball gives the illusion that it is the same scratchy cotton as Sugar n Cream. However, upon closer inspection of the picture, you can see that it has the same silky texture that the "I Love This Cotton" has. It is also a much bigger skein of yarn than the Comfy at 100g, and very close in size, if not a tiny bit bigger than the ILTC. It costs $3.99...$.70 more a skein than Hobby Lobby's brand...but, the color palette is so bright (even thought there are only 28 colors between the solids and variegated's). I'm going to have to give some serious thought to purchasing some Knit Picks cotton. I have been slobbering over Knit Picks for about 7 years now, and the only thing I have gotten from them is my ball winder. (The one and only time my husband bought me a birthday present that was a complete surprise and something I really, really, really wanted.) Besides, I think I would really like to start custom dying some yarns for my own uses. I hate it when people have very specific color requests and you can't find anything like what they want without having to use two separate yarns together. 

If anyone has any experience with Knit Picks, I would love some advice!

Friday, April 04, 2014

New Knit Design! Fuzzy Warmers for your legs!

Unfortunately, you can count how many knit patterns I have available on one hand. It's taken me some time to work through learning all the intricacies of which way the different decreases twist, and which ways your cables lay when you go between front and back cables. Just lots of technicalities that seemed so much less confusing in crochet. 

But, now, I think I've "got this"! I present to you my Fuzzy Warmers Pattern. These were created as a Christmas gift for my niece (she's the model in the first picture). They turned out so cute, I knew I needed to write the pattern up. They feature chunky cables that swirl toward each other. There is a lot of stretch to these. They fit best up to an XL leg. 

You can purchase the pattern HERE. Thanks for all your support!

Thanks Theresa P for testing this pattern for me!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Works in Progress and Completed Projects

Today's post is all about my Works in Progress and a couple of completed projects. 

The Yellow Blanket is Done...and should actually be delivered in Minnesota today! 
Unless FedEx lied. The yellow blanket is for the youngest of my brother's kids. 

These next two afghans are next in the series I am making for my nieces and nephews. The ripple afghan pattern comes from the Crochet Club. It's called the Wavy Ripple

I am making this one in Orange, Pink, and Neon multi for my brother's second youngest child, Lizzie (my name's sake).  It is very bright and for some reason every picture I see of it online looks so bright it's almost fuzzy. I promise it is easier on the eyes in person. I am very close to finishing this one, but I needed a little boredom buster project, so I started on my nephew's blanket. 

I am winging it on Sam's blanket. He's 14 and I just wasn't sure of what he liked other than the color green and guitars...and drums. I wanted his blanket to be manly, but still fun. And I wanted it to have a "graphic" feel to it. I am also aiming for each child's blanket to be completely original and nothing like any of the blankets their siblings receive. Everyone assures me he's going to love it. To me, it resembles a turtle's shell. However, it could also have a bit of a drum set feel to it, too. This picture shows Phase One. I think Phase Two might change the look up quite a bit, and maybe it will lose some of it's turtleness. The hexagons are quite large at 10" from flat side to flat side. I'm not even sure what they are point to point. I'll write up and share the pattern when I finish it. 

Some other projects that I have completed are two sets of Minnie Mouse newborn photo props. Turns out I didn't really get any decent pictures of them completed. Here you see the full set, but the little Mary Jane shoes don't have their buttons yet. I purchased this set from Stephyscrochet on Etsy. I LOVE this pattern. She did a great job with it ( I especially love the shoe pattern!). There are lots of pictures to help you assemble things properly, and her instructions are complete. Unfortunately, you cannot say that about all indie designers, but kudos to you Stephany for putting out a great pattern! If you all have known me for any length of time, you know I don't like purchasing patterns if I can help it. This set is worth it, so give her a visit! 

Ok, y'all...that's my last two weeks in a nutshell. Tah for now!