Monday, July 26, 2010

Fresh As A Daisy Dress- 18" Doll Pattern

Fresh As A Daisy Dress- 18" Doll Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

3-4oz Bernat Softee Baby Yarn (MC)
1-2oz CC
F Hook
2- 1/2" button
Yarn needle

18 sc/20 rows = 4"x4" square.

Row 1- ch 50, join to make a ring(careful not to twist), ch1, sc insm st as join & each ch around, sl st to 1st sc. (50sc)
Row 2-10- ch1, do not turn, sc in sm st as join and each sc around, join with sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off.
Row 11- On row 10, sk 18sc (seam to the back) , in 19th sc attach w/sl st, sc in sm sp & next 19sc. (20)
Row 12- ch1, turn, sc dec, sc in 16, sc dec (18)
Row 13- ch1, turn, sc in each sc (18)
Row 14- ch1, turn, sc dec, sc in 14 sc, sc dec (16)
Row 15- sl st in 6sc, sc dec, sc in 8sc (9)
Row 16- ch1, turn, sc in 7, sc dec (8)
Row 17- do not ch1, turn, sl st in 1st sc, sc in 6 (7)
Row 18- ch1, turn, sc in 5sc, sc dec (6)
Row 19- do not ch1, turn, sl st in 1st sc, sc in 5 (5)
Row 20- ch1, turn, sc in 3, sc dec (4)
Row 21- do not ch1, turn, sl st in 1st sc, sc in 3 (3)
Row 22-36- ch1, turn, sc in 3. Do not finish off.

ch4, sl st to opposite side of end to create button hole, sc ea row end and sc around (sc dec inner corner). 2sc in each of ch4, join with 1st sc to finish off. tuck ends.
**Sew button to back, lining up with strap.

with yellow
Row 1- attach w/sl st to rem loops of starting ch @ back seam. ch1, sc in sm sp, sc in ea loop around (50)
Row 2- ch2, hdc in sm sp, hdc in 2sc, (2hdc in next sc, hdc in next sc, 2hdc in next sc, 1hdc in next 2sc) around to last 2sc, 2hdc in next sc, 1hdc in last sc. (70)
Row 3- ch3, dc in each hdc around (70)
Row 4- ch1, BLO, sc in each dc.
Row 5- ch2, in both loops, hdc in each sc.
Row 6- ch3, both loops, dc in each hdc.
Row 7-18- Repeats rows 4-6, 4 times.
Row 19- ch1, sc in both loops of each dc around. Finish off.

On 1st row of available loops- attach to any loop in back with sl st.
Row 1- ch1, sc in sm sp, sc in each loop around, join with sl st to 1st sc. (70)
Row 2- Petal is worked over a total of 5 sc.
[(ch3* cts as dc*, trc, dtr, trc, ch3 *cts as dc*) attach ch3 w/sl st to next sc, sl st in next sc] repeat around. Finish off weave ends.
** Repeat rows 1 + 2 of petals on each row with front loops left exposed on skirt. There should be a total of 5 rows of petals. If you want to stagger the petals- shift each row one by 3 loops to the left when attaching. If you don't want to stagger the petals- attach in the same spot on each loop row.

Row 1- ch32, sl st in 5th ch from hook (button hole created), sc in sm sp and next 27 ch, 4sc in last ch, work along opp side of ch, sc in 27 ch. Finish off.
Row 2- Working in ch 4(button hole), attach with white to ch w/sl st. Work 3sc in each ch (12sc)and the space created from original ch. (15sc) join.
Row 3- (ch3, sl st in next sc) around, sl st in 1st sp. (15 ch 3 sp)
Finish off, sew button to opposite side.

with yellow
Row 1- ch55, be sure not twist, join to form a ring. ch1, sc in sm sp and each ch around, join with sl st to first sc. (55)
Row 2-3 ch1, sc in each sc around. Cut yellow
Row 4- attach with white yarn. FLO repeat petal pattern as for dress. (11 petals) Finish off.
Row 5- with white, on top of hat (original ch), join with sl st, sl st in each ch around. Finish off.

with yellow
Row 1- ch 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in 7 chs, working on opp side of orig ch, sc in 8ch. (16) do not join.
Row 2-10- sc in each sc around. at end of row 10, sl st to 1st sc. cut off.
Row 11- attach with white, ch2*cts as first hdc*, (dc, trc, dc, hdc) around , join with sl st to ch2, cut.
** For handle, attach with yellow to post of sc on last yellow row at the corner. ch25, sl st to opp corner, cut, weave ends.


  1. I'm confused about Row 5 of the skirt. Should it read hdc in each sc instead of sc in each dc? Can someone help me?

    1. im confused also with 5 and 6 with the wording sc, hdc, dc ?

  2. I like this dress so much, thank you

  3. I'm confused about skirt roll 5. Should this be hdc in each sc.

    1. Yes it should. Sorry about the typo

  4. I'm confused about roll 5 on skirt. it it suppose to read hdc in each sc?

  5. Absolutely CUTE - thank you for sharing this and other doll clothes patterns on you site! Much appreciated (for my grandbabies, not me, honest :) )

  6. Absolutely CUTE - thank you for sharing this and other doll patterns! Much appreciated (for my granddaughter, honest :) )

  7. This is too cute....in row 4, what does the abbreviation blo mean? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. It means Back Loop Only.

  8. Showed my 8 yr. Old granddaughter the unfinished dress...she LOVED it and can't wait for me to finish it!

  9. tell me plz if I am to turn on row 12 on the botice

    1. Hi there, yes you do turn on row 12. that was a typo.


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