Monday, February 20, 2012

Do It Your Way Afghan Pattern

Do It Your Way Afghan Pattern
by Elizabeth Mareno 2012

H hook
Scrap worsted weight yarn
Large eye needle for assembly

**I made 90 squares for this lap size blanket. You can use any color combination you want. You can change colors to make rows, or you can make all of the squares the same color. It's all up to you and your creativity! :)**

R1: ch4, sl st to 1st ch to join and make a circle. ch3, make 16 dc in the center of the circle. Join to first dc w/ a sl st. (16 dc)
R2: ch3, (cts as dc), dc in same sp as join, ch2, 2dc in same space (corner made), dc in next 3dc,
*(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next dc, dc in next 3dc*, repeat from * to * two more times. sl st in next dc and ch 2 sp. (28dc, 4 ch2 sp)
R3: ch3, (cts as dc), dc in ch2 sp, ch2, 2dc in ch2 sp, (corner made), dc in 6dc, *(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch2 sp, dc in 6dc, * repeat from *to* two more times. sl st in ch3 to join. (44dc, 4 ch2 sp)

Repeat the same for regular square through Row 2. Cut yarn after Row 2 and join with a different color for Row 3.

Cut. Leave a long end to whipstich to next square. (I go from one corner ch2 sp to the other) The original version has 9 squares whipstitched in a row. You can do as many squares as you want. This will determine your blanket's width. Once you have your row whipstitched together, put a border on that row.

BORDER: Use a "Main Color"
Starting in the "upper right" corner of your row, join with a sl st in a ch2 space.( Sc, ch2, sc in corner ch2 space, sc in each sc, hdc dec in the ch2 spaces between squares) repeat this around the row, finish with a slip stitch to the first sc. Finish off, leaving a very long end of yarn to whipstitch your rows together.

My personal suggestion would be that you use the same color as your "Main Color" throughout the blanket. This will help to anchor the blanket and pull all of the crazy color combinations together. :)

Create as many rows as you want. My blanket had 10 rows. This will determine the length of your blanket.

When you have all the rows you want, repeat the border around the outside of the whole blanket.

The biggest deal about this blanket?? Have fun with it! Be creative! Use your imagination! :)


  1. I am a beginner at crochet, just started Thursday actually. I took a basket of scraps on a road trip and this will be my first crochet project! Found this on pinterest and it's the best pin I have kept!!! So excited to get it done and already have my eye on other projects!!!

    1. Awesome! I would love to see your finished project!


  2. I like this pattern alot! Also like your blog page as well! Just wanted to say hi, and wish you a great day. I lived in W Palm for 10 years..back in Pgh now. Enjoy the daily sun! Maria

  3. I been using my odd balls of yarn I have made a purse and tablet bags for my granddaughters out of crazy color granny squares..they love them..

  4. I have to ask this, because just the name alone means "Do it as you wish to," right? If it's a "Do as you please" afghan, why is there a PATTERN to follow???? That violates the very definition of "do it your way"!!!

    1. That's a silly observation. The 'do it your way' refers to the ability to come up with any color scheme you want.

  5. This is a great pattern for scrap yarn. Can't wait to start mine.



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