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Modified African Flower Motif Pattern: Full Motif


Today I am presenting you a slightly modified African Flower Motif. This is a great motif to use if you are looking for something a little smaller and compact. The look is very much like a regular African Flower motif, but it has a few stitch changes that make the rows tighter giving it a smaller look. 

I discovered this particular motif while I was scrolling my Instagram feed and a Food Network star that I follow, Nancy Fuller, had a picture with a young chef that had on the CUTEST sweater made from African motifs (pictured below). I took a screenshot of the sweater because I thought "that can't be that hard to make." But, then I made the custom Flower Sweater for my cousin's daughter-in-law and got instantly burned out on designing sweaters. LOL. Not to say I will never design a sweater, but it's a process I'm not ready to jump into just yet. 

So, anyway, I had started making the motifs based on what I could see in the picture and was beginning to accumulate a pile. I initially started on a garment, but as I laid it out on the table I realized that it needed to become something else. That is a post for another day, but right now, I want to give you the pattern for the Modified African Flower Motif so you can get a head start!

Modified African Flower Motif Pattern: Full Motif

This pattern is available as an ad-free PDF on my website.

Video Tutorial available on YouTube

Materials Needed:

Yarn Used: Drops Paris 100% cotton, Worsted Weight/Aran, (50g/1.75oz, 75m)
Any WW yarn is fine- Use a DK/Light #3 to make even smaller motifs.
Only small amounts are needed for each motif because of the color changes- this is perfect for scraps.

Hook Used: F/3.75mm 
Larg Eye needle for sewing ends

Finished Size: Tip to tip- 5", Edge to edge- 4-1/2"

US Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch- chain, MR- magic ring, sc- single crochet, hdc- half double crochet, dc- double crochet, sl st- slip stitch, sp- space, cts- counts

Special Stitch- Long sc (aka Spike Stitch) Insert the hook from the front to the back in the space indicated, yo, pull up a loop equal with where the base of the sc should be, yo, complete sc. 

Notes: Always attach new colors with the right side facing you. You will not be turning your work.


Round 1: (RS) MR, ch3, dc, (ch2, 2dc in ring) 5x, ch2, join with ch3. (12 dc, 12 ch-2 sp) cut color

Round 2: In any ch-2 sp, join w/ch3, (dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch-2 sp, [ch1, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch-2 sp] 5x, ch1, join w/ch3, do not cut. (24 dc, 24 ch-2 sp)

Round 3: sl st to ch2, ch3, 6dc in ch-2 sp, (sl st in next ch-1 sp, 7dc in ch-2 sp) 5x, sl st in last ch-1 sp, join to ch3. (42 dc, 6 sl st) cut color.

Round 4: In first dc of any 7dc group, join w/ch1, sc in join and next 2, (3sc in next, sc in 3, long sc-*see special stitches* over next sl st, sc in 3) 5x, 3sc in next, sc in 3, long sc around the next sl st, join with first sc. (54 sc, 6 long sc) cut color.

Round 5: In the center sc of any 3sc group, join w/ch3 (cts as hdc + ch1), hdc in same sp, [hdc in 9, (hdc, ch1, hdc) in the next st] 5x, hdc in the last 9 st. (66 hdc, 6 ch-1 sp) cut color. 

Leave a long end for sewing motifs together.

I hope you find this pattern useful, and I'll see you on the next project!

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