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Kiss the Girl: Little Mermaid Inspiration Sampler Blanket Pattern

Kiss the Girl: 

Little Mermaid Inspiration Sampler Blanket Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

Kiss the Girl was designed as part of the Mermaid CAL that I hosted in April-May of 2018. This design was one of two. The other is called Under the Sea. Both designs feature characters and colors inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid movie from 1989. 

Little Mermaid is one of my favorite movies of all-time because the year that it came out on video I worked for a VHS video rental store and I watched this movie every time I worked. I knew every line by heart. Not just the songs- the WHOLE movie! Haha. So, when I was thinking about what I would want to create an inspiration blanket for, Little Mermaid was a no-brainer. 

Kiss the Girl is lacy styled blanket. It is as lovely as a baby blanket as it is for a best friend. The characters represented by various stitches throughout the blanket are:
Sebastian- using the Calypso Crab stitch which I created just for this blanket
Ariel's Sisters
Flotsam & Jetsam
King Triton

I believe this blanket is an awesome chance to challenge yourself as a crochet artist. I have created, and freely supplied, videos on YouTube to help you through the pattern from beginning to end. 

Here is a link to the free Calypso Crab Granny Square pattern on my blog if you would like to play with the pattern a little more!

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Kiss the Girl Pattern for $7.99

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Here is a list of supplies/materials in three different yarns. You may already have enough in your stash! If not, I've given you links to each of the yarns that were used to create the samples. 


Each ball is 50-54g- dk weight- cotton/acrylic

Amazonite- 1 ball- used 19 g- Bubbles
Beryl- 3 balls- used 140 g- Flounder & King Triton Edge
Blue Apatite- 1 ball- used 30 g- Flounder
Canada Jade- 1 ball- used 39 g- Seaweed
Carnelian- 2 balls- used 81 g- Sebastian
Dark Amethyst- 2 balls- used 78 g- Ariel’s Shells & Ursula
Fosterite- 1 ball- used 38 g- Fins & Scuttle
Green Agate- 1 ball- used 28 g- Flotsam & Jetsam
Lilac Quartz- 1 ball- used 48 g- Ursula
Malachite- 1 ball- used 32 g- Sisters
Moonstone- 1 ball- used 38 g- Ursula
New Jade- 1 ball- used 19 g- Flotsam & Jetsam
Red Jasper- 1 ball- used 19 g- Ariel’s Hair
Rhodochrosite- 2 balls- used 92 g- Sisters & Scuttle
Smoky Quartz- 1 ball- used 32 g- Rocks
Tourmaline- 1 ball- used 31 g - Edging
Turquoise- 1 ball- used 24 g – Bubbles/ Flotsam & Jetsam
Yarra- 2 balls- used 82 g - Netting
Yellow Jasper- 1 ball- used 7 g- Center Medallion

3.75 mm/ F hook

Each ball is 100g- dk weight- 100% acrylic

#1114- Eindhoven- used 8 g- Medallion
#2003- Brugge- used 11 g- Ariel’s Shells
#1259- Groningen- used 12g- Fins
#1246- Maastricht- used 10 g- Ariel’s Hair
#1099- Wolvega- used 10 g- Bubbles
#1068- Den Helder- used 17 g- Bubbles
#2018- Pollare- used 74 g- Rocks & King Triton’s Edge
#1821- Terneuzen- used 11 g- Seaweed
#2008- Leuven- used 15 g- Flounder
#2011- Geraardsbergen- used 15 g- Flounder
#1725- Ameland- used 26 g- Sisters
#1132- Leek- used 28 g- Sisters
#1435- Apeldoorn- used 30 g- Sebastian
#1003- Middelburg- used 48 g- Netting
#1203- Heerenveen- used 18 g- Scuttle
#2004- Brussel- used 7 g- Scuttle
#1829- Wilnis- used 14 g- Flotsam & Jetsam
#2015- Bastogne- used 14g- Flotsam & Jetsam
#1422- Eelde- used 16 g- Flotsam & Jetsam
#2001- Antwerpen- used 22 g- Ursula
#1277- Amstelveen- used 18 g- Ursula
#1432- Heerlen- used 18 g- Ursula
#1257- Hilversum- used 18 g- Edging

4.00 mm / G hook

Worsted Weight Yarn: like I Love This Yarn * or Red Heart Super Saver 

Lime Green - 4 oz – Fins and Seaweed
Grape Purple- 5.5 oz- Ariel’s Shells and Ursula
Light Purple- 3oz- Ursula
White- 3oz- Ursula
Gold - less than an ounce- Center Medallion

Silver Gray- 4 oz- Bubbles & Scuttle
Turquoise -4 oz-Bubbles and Flotsam/Jetsam
Peacock- 3 oz- Flotsam/Jetsam
Ocean Blue- 6 oz- Sisters & Flotsam/Jetsam
Mango- 4 oz- Sisters
Red- 7 oz or you can use 2 different reds: 3 oz of one red for hair and 5 of another red for Sebastian- Ariel’s hair & Sebastian
Yellow- 4 oz- Flounder

Royal blue- 4 oz- Flounder
Graphite Gray- 4 oz- Rocks & Seaweed
Cornflower Blue- 6 oz- Netting
Buttercup Yellow- 7 oz- Scuttle & King Triton’s Edge
Tropical Pink- 3 oz- Edging

H hook
Large eye needle for sewing ends
Stitch marker

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