Sunday, November 05, 2006

X's and O's Baby Blanket

It's called X's and O's Baby Blanket. It is uber cute when it's done and I worked it in two strands of Lion Softee Baby throughout so it's ultra soft and creamy too!

X's and O's Baby Blanket
Skill: Easy

X's and O's Baby Blanket copyright © 3/9/06 Elizabeth Mareno

Supplies: J hook
MC- Sport yarn- approx 10 oz
CC #1- Sport yarn- approx 6-8 oz
CC #2- Sport yarn- approx 3 oz
(Amounts are estimated. Sample uses Bernat Softee Baby in "Baby Denims" for MC, Bernat Softee Baby in "Lemon" for CC #2 and Caron Simply Soft in "White" for CC #1)
Blunt Needle

**Note** Afghan is worked holding two strands of yarn together at all times.
**Specialty Stitches**
X-Stitch: worked over 2 st. Skip first st, tr in next st. Working behind tr just made, work tr in skipped st.
Bobble: (YO, insert hook in designated st, YO, pull through, YO, pull through 2 loops)3 times. YO, pull through 4 loops left on the hook. One bobble made.
Ch 3 counts as dc throughout
Ch 4 counts as tr throughout

With MC & CC #1,ch 78
Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. (76)
Row 2(RS): ch 4, work X-stitch across, tr in top ch of ch 3. (76)
Row 3: ch 3, dc in each tr across, dc in top ch of ch 4. (76)
Row 4: ch 3, dc in each dc across, dc in top ch of ch 3.
Rows 5-7: Repeat row 4
Row 8: Repeat row 2
Row 9: Repeat row 3. Change CC #1 to CC #2
Row 10: ch 1, sc in each dc across. (76)
Row 11: ch 2, hdc in next sc, (create bobble in next sc, hdc in next 4 sc) 14 times, bobble, hdc in last 3 sc. (76)
Row 12: Repeat row 10. Change CC#2 to CC #1
Rows 13-36: Repeat rows 1-12 three times.
Rows 37-45: Repeat rows 1-9 once. Finish off.

Row 1: Attach MC/CC#2 in top right dc with a ch 1. Sc in same st, sc evenly around afghan, putting 3 sc in each corner, ending with 2 sc in same st as first sc. join with sl st.
Row 2: ch 2, turn. Hdc in next 2 sc, work bobble, * (hdc in next 4 sc, work bobble st) to next corner, 3 hdc in corner sc*, work from * to * 2 more times. (hdc in next 4 sc, work bobble st) to next corner, 2 hdc in same st as first hdc. join with sl st.
Row 3: ch 1, turn. sc in same st, sc in each hdc around, putting 3 sc in corners, ending with 2 sc in same st as first sc. Fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. I love your x's and o's blanket! I'm always looking for good boy crochet patterns. Thanks!

  2. This is one of my favorite patterns!! Thank you.

    If I use a lighter weight yarn and want to increase the pattern, is it just adding a multiple of 2 to the base chain?

  3. Trixie- Just by doing some quick math in my head that should work out just right for you. Let me know if you have any troubles.


  4. absolutely love this blanket! What better way to greet my new nephew than with a hugs and kisses blanket. The pattern is beautifully written.

  5. I love this afghan and plan to make it for a grandchild expected in Aug. What are the approx. dimensions when completed? I looked but couldn't find them.

  6. Can you use just one strand instead of two? Thanks!

    1. I haven't done it that way, but I'm sure you could. It's going to turn out thinner and smaller. You could also just use a worsted baby yarn like Vanna's Baby and do one strand at a time.

    2. Would it work with a bulky yarn, just one strand?
      Thank you.
      It is a beautiful pattern.

    3. You could definitely try it out. I would just make sure to use a hook that is appropriate for bulky yarn.

  7. love this pattern thanks so much i have made it with just one strand and i am in love!!!!

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  9. Biz...I just saw your pattern for the X's and O's baby blanket...I saw where you said NOT to sell the pattern but can I sell the finished blanket if I give you credit??? I am a widow and I'm trying to sell an item or too to help me financially but I don't want to do that if you say no to selling the item too...Please reply...Thank you God Bless you...

    1. Hi Kaye. Of course sell your finished work! I hope you gets lots for it!

  10. I'm just wondering if these instructions are American version or English version so that I can work out the correct stitches.

    1. Hi Val, this is in US terms.


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