Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whimsical Castle Pattern

WHIMSICAL CASTLE BAG by Elizabeth Mareno
beginner - advanced beginner

Crochet Terms are US

Materials: G hook, Grey Yarn ( I used Red Heart Grey Heather), Small amount of green yarn for vine, Yarn needle.

(do not join rounds unless noted)
Ch 4, sl st to first ch.
Row 1- 6 sc inside circle.
Row 2- 2 sc in ea sc around.(12)
Row 3- (sc in 1 sc, 2sc in next) around.(18)
Row 4- (sc in 2 sc, 2sc in next) around.(24)
Row 5- (sc in 3 sc, 2sc in next) around.(30)
Row 6- (sc in 4 sc, 2sc in next) around.(36)
Row 7- (sc in 5 sc, 2sc in next) around.(42)
Row 8- (sc in 6 sc, 2sc in next) around.(48)
Row 9- (sc in 7 sc, 2sc in next) around.(54)
join with sl st to first sc, ch 3. do not finish off!

Sides: (join all rounds w/sl st unless noted)
Row 1- In back loop only, dc in each sc around.
Row 2- ch1, sc in same st as join, in back loops sc in ea dc around.
Row 3- Repeat row 1
Row 4- Repeat row 2
Row 5- Repeat row 1
Row 6- ch3, in both loops, dc around.
Row 7- ch3, in both loops dc around leaving last 4 dc undone. do not join.
Row 8- ch 3, turn, dc in each dc around. ch4, skipping open dc, join with sl st to top of ch3.
Row 9- ch1, turn, sc in join, sc in each dc around, join.
Row 10- Reverse sc around. Finish off and weave in ends.

Vine trim: With dark green. Sl st & ch a trellis up the join openings and around the window on the side of the castle base.

TOP:(do not join unless noted)
Row 1- Ch2, 5sc in 2nd ch.
Row 2 & 3- sc in each sc (5)
Row 4- 2 sc in each sc around. (10)
Row 5- sc in each sc around (10)
Row 6- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next) around. (15)
Row 7- sc in each sc around (15)
Row 8- 2 sc in each sc around (30)
Row 9- sc in each sc around. (30)
Row 10- (sc in 2sc, 2sc in next) around. (40)
Row 11 & 12- sc in each sc around. (40)
Row 13- (sc in 9sc, 2sc in next) around. (44)
Row 14- (sc in 7sc, 2sc in next) around, sc in rem 4 sc. (49)
Row 15- (sc in 5sc, 2sc in next) around, sc in 6 sc, 2 sc in next. (58)
Row 16- (sc in 3sc, 2sc in next) around, sc in last sc. (71)
Row 17- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next) around, sc in last sc. (106)
Row 18- Join with sl st to 1st sc. Reverse sc. Finish off, weave in ends.


Ties(make 2): Wherever front is, at about row 14, attach with a sl st (to the underside of the top) around a post of sc and Ch 30, cut off. secure ends.

Attach the top at about row 14 to the center of the back, making sure the ties line up with the window in the front.


  1. Do you have a general pattern for the little characters? :)

  2. Here's a link to Melissa Mall's little characters:

  3. This is really really cute! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  4. Fantastic pattern made the whole set and it was loved by all :-D

  5. totally LOVE your castle! wish i had some kiddies to make it for.
    thanks for sharing.
    jd in st louis

  6. I have just visited your blog, and I love it. Thank you for your generous free pattern, I am going to have a go today. I have two (home ed)daughters, and I know they'll love it. Peace and happiness your way :)

  7. Just found your blog through Free Crochet Patters- I love all you ideas, especially the fairy tale castle and all the little characters that go along with it. Thanks a ton!

  8. This is going to be printed today. It is going to be a bird house! I crocheted a bird house last spring and a sparrow (I think it was) took up residence the same day I hung it up.

  9. I made the barnyard gang for my grandson, and fantasy castle for his sister for Christmas...they were a great big hit! Thanks so much for sharing free patterns!

  10. I made this for a charity auction and it raised $100!!

  11. Woohoo Mary Ann!!! Way to go, You!!!


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