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Groundkeeper's Hut Crochet Pattern - Part 3 - The Door


Step Into Magic: Crafting the Enchanted Door of Your Groundkeeper's Hut! 🌟🚪 

Greetings again, friends! Are you ready to add a whimsical door  to your Groundkeeper's Hut? Next up we are creating a textured and decorated doorway, complete with door jambs, a ribbed door that resembles wood planks, and ornate black ironwork pieces that will make your hut truly stand out in the wizarding world.

We will create door jams and a door with a loop closure for a button. The door jambs will act as sturdy pillars to frame our doorway, adding structure and stability to our design. The door will be basic sc in the back loop only to create the textured front and regular single crochets to create the flat backside. We will decorate it with a few "ornate" black ironwork pieces, one of which will double as your button loop closure, and then we can attach it to our door jambs. 

It's so much easier than it looks and will require a little bit of construction on our parts, but I think we can do it! What say you?

Once you get it attached to your hut, you can step back and admire your handiwork, knowing that you've created a portal to a world of fantasy and adventure. Whether you're storing mystical creatures or simply indulging in a bit of imaginative play, your enchanted hut is sure to inspire wonder and delight for years to come.

Did you finish your walls?

If you missed the second part of this pattern- the walls- then click the picture below to be taken to the pattern. You will need to create the walls before you create your door. :)

picture of a fairy tale forest with the words walls pattern click here.

Who is this pattern good for? Everyone!

Whether you're looking for a unique baby shower gift or a toy for an older child who yearns to explore the mythical world of Harry Potter, this pattern has got you covered. Just imagine the joy on your little one's face as they fill their very own Groundkeeper's Hut with unicorns, dragons, and other mystical creatures of their imagination!  

You don't have to stop at just babies. The really big kids like this toy bag just as much as medium and small-sized people! This would make a fabulous gift for a friend or yourself. Just fill it with all of your favorite fantastical creatures! I've linked my favorite patterns below- these are well-written and I have personally made them to put in my own Huts. 

A PDF upgrade is available!

And the best part of this pattern? It's absolutely free on my blog, with the option to upgrade to a downloadable PDF in US terms (UK terms coming) for added convenience. You can choose from Etsy, Ravelry, or my Website below:

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Are there video tutorials? They're coming!

Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel to catch the tutorial videos as soon as they're available. I'll guide you step-by-step through the creation of this enchanting masterpiece, ensuring that even novice crocheters can bring their own Groundkeeper's Hut to life.

Let's Go!

So, grab your yarn and your crochet hook, and let's weave some magic together. The journey ahead is sure to be filled with twists and turns, but with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of fairy dust, we'll craft a Groundkeeper's Hut that's fit for any age of mythical creature lovers.

Groundkeeper's Hut Crochet Pattern - Door

picture shows a crocheted door with black crocheted ironwork pieces

Materials: includes the full list for the whole project

Yarn Supplies:

Base and walls- Worsted Weight Grey or Brown

Used: Walnut, 1 skein, I Love This Yarn Stonewashed worsted weight, 100% acrylic,        (5oz / 252yds)

Door- Worsted Weight Brown

Used: Brown, 1.5 oz, I Love This Yarn worsted weight, 100% acrylic, (7oz/ 355yds)

Roof- Dark Green or Brown

Used: Dark Olive, 3 oz, I Love This Yarn worsted weight, 100% acrylic, (7oz/ 355yds)

Ironwork- DK Black

                Used: Scheepjes Colour Crafter, Scrap Amount, 100% acrylic, (100g/ 300m)

Vine, Pumpkins, Mushrooms- DK Scraps

Non-Yarn Supplies:

#7/4.5mm hook

F/3.75mm hook

11” x 14” sheet of plastic canvas

Tiny bit of polyester fiberfill for the pumpkins at the end

Gauge:  Worsted Weight- #7 hook- 16sc x 17rows = 4” x 4”/10cm x 10cm

DK Weight- F hook- 18sc x 22rows = 4” x 4”/10cm x 10cm

Finished Sizes:

Base- 6-1/2” to 7”

Walls- 3-1/2” W x 5” H

Overall Hut Height with Roof- approx. 12”


-          Join after each round when working in the round.

-          When working in the round- Ch1 to start the next round unless otherwise noted

 Special Abbreviations:

Extended Single Crochet (Exsc)- insert the hook in the space indicated, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through just one loop, yo, and pull through both loops on the hook.

Slanted Cluster (Slcl)- [yo, insert hook around the stem of previous dc from right to left, yo, pull loop through] 3x in the same place, yo, pull through first 6 loops on hook, yo, pull through both loops on the hook.

3rd Loop (3LO)- The horizontal bar across the back of the half double crochet stitch created by the yo.

(##) at the end of a row/round indicates the stitch count for that row/round.

US Terms:

ar- around (personal abbreviation)
BLO- back loop only
ch- chain
dc- double crochet
fpdc- front post double crochet
inc- increase
MR- magic ring
rev sc- reverse single crochet (aka Crab Stitch)
RS- right side
sc- single crochet
sk- skip
sl st- slip stitch


All assembly pictures are below the pattern.

Door Jamb: Make 2

Chain 22

Row 1- sc in second ch from hook and each across, ch1, turn. (21sc)

Row 2- sc in each, ch1, turn.

Row 3- BLO- sc in each, ch1, turn.

Row 4- sc in each, ch1, turn.

Fold so the open loops are to the outside. Starting on the top, working through both thicknesses, sc in each sc down the side. Cut and leave a long end for attaching.

Attach to the sides of the doorway creating a door jamb.


Chain 21

Row 1- sc in second ch and each ch across, ch1, turn. (20 sc)

Row 2- (RS) BLO- sc in each, ch1, turn.

Row 3-12- Repeat row 2.

Row 13- Working in both loops, sc in each, ch1, turn.

Row 14- BLO, sc in each, ch1, turn.

Row 15- Working in both loops, sc, ch1, turn.

Row 16-26- Repeat Row 15.

**The door is meant to fold with the open loops to the outside. Measure and cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit in between the folded door pieces once you crochet them together in the next row.

Row 27- ch1, turn, with RS out, working through both thicknesses, sc in each, 3sc in the corner, sc in the row ends, 3sc in the corner, sc in the open loops, 3sc in the corner, slide the plastic canvas you previously cut into the center of the door opening, sc in the remaining row ends.

Cut and leave a long end for sewing to the door jamb.

Ironwork Decorations: (make 2)

Ch19, sl st in the fifth ch from the hook, (ch4, sl st in the same ch) twice, sl st in each ch, (ch4, sl st in the last ch) 3 times. Cut

Position and attach to the top and bottom of the door.

Door Handle: (Make 1)

Ch8, sl st to first ch to make a circle, Ch15, sl st in the fifth ch, (ch4, sl st in the same ch) 2x, Sl st in the remaining chains.

Cut, leaving a long end, sew with ch8 as the button loop/door handle.

Sew button to the door jamb opposite of the door handle.

picture shows an open door with two brown pieces edging the doorway.

Door Jambs on either side of the doorway. They should fit exactly between the top of the doorway and the base piece without going over. Stitch them to the base and up each side of the doorway. 

picture shows the base and side pieces with an open doorway with two brown pieces edging the doorway.

Extra picture of the door jambs in place.

picture of crocheted door with a piece of plastic canvas measured to fit in between the two sides of the doorway before closing it.

Cut your piece of plastic canvas to fit in between the ribbed and flat sides of the door. Set this piece aside for now.

picture of the crocheted door folded in half and a row of sc being stitched around the edges.

Follow instructions above and sc around the three sides of the door. 

picture of a piece of plastic canvas being slid between the door sides before closing it up completely.

Before you completely close the door, slide your piece of plastic canvas that you set aside in between the ribbed and flat sides of the door.

picture of the door with the ribbed side to the front.

Front side of the door.

picture of the flat side of the door to the back.

Back side of the door.

picture of the finished door with the black ironwork decorations attached.

Iron work decorations sewn to the front of the door. Make sure that your button loop on the handle doesn't hang over the edge too much or your door won't stay closed properly.

closeup picture of the door attached to the right side door jamb.

top view picture of the finished base, walls, and door attached.

When you sew your door to the door jamb on the right, make sure that it is butted right up against the rev sc border from the walls and sew through all layers of the door jamb and door to secure it.

picture of the front of the hut with the door in place.

Your door will overlap the left side door jamb slightly, but there should be plenty of space to sew your closing button lined up with the loop. 

Click on the picture below to go to the Roof pattern:

picture of a fairy tale forest with the words Roof Pattern Click Here.

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